Day 3: Elko, NV - Salt Lake City, UT - Evanston, WY, pt. 1

The departure from Elko, NV wasn’t nearly as eventful as Reno…up until we realized we had to weave through mountains again. As I’ve mentioned before, driving through mountains is usually fun for me, were it not for the very heavy trailer that our poor car was towing at the same time. After what seemed like almost forever, we finally broke through the mountains, drove through Wendover…

…and finally entered Utah! Unfortunately, no photos of the amazing white…salt beds? I think they were salt beds. But a few photos leading into the main city!

From a rest area on the way

Some things never change, no matter where you go. Sinclair gas, selling you fluid compressed dinosaurs!

Salt bed! 

The Great Salt Lake! What little we could see of it, anyway.

Continued in pt. 2!

Circular Tourism - the act of traveling several times and in the process, seeing where you began from the other side. Updates every other Monday.

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